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La Paz
La Paz

witches market
witches market





La Paz - Bolivia

La Paz with his many faces !


If you are travelling to Bolivia you will most likely visit the city of La Paz for a day or two. Bolivia's main international airport can be found here and La Paz is well located to make it a base from which to explore Bolivia's main tourist attractions such as Lake Titicaca, Tiahuanaco, Sorata, Oruro, Coroico and the northern lowlands.

La Paz must qualify as one of the world's most dramatically located cities. It lies sheltered from cold winds within a steep canyon just below the rim of the altiplano. The city's skyline is dominated with huge office blocks and the snow-covered peaks of Mount Illamani (6439m)
La Paz was founded by the Spanish on 20 October 1548 under the name of La Ciudad de Nuestra Señora de La Paz (
The City of Our Lady of Peace). With a population of nearly 1.3 million inhabitants, La Paz is now a modern city with few colonial buildings left except around Plaza Murillo, which at 3636m above sea level, marks the very heart of the city where the government buildings and the cathedral can be found. The sprawling town of El Alto (4082m) is the city's poor relation and sits on the rim of the altiplano exposed to the icy winds. This rapidly expanding district comprises almost entirely immigrants from the countryside.

The average daily temperature in winter is 10°C (59F) and 22°C in summer. The nights throughout the year are cold. From December to February rain falls most afternoons but the sun usually shines for several hours. The rest of the year is mostly clear and sunny.

La Paz is 1 big market ,one of the famous ones is the witches market .


Popular excursions:


Tiahuanaco /whole day tour

The Tiwanaku-Culture resided in the years 1.600 a.Chr. to 1.200 p.Chr. At the Altiplano. They are the predecessors of the Inca-Culture, passing to them their astronomical, mathematical, and religious knowledge, and the way how to treat metals and agriculture. Only 71 km away from La Paz and reachable by paved road, you can learn about Tiwanaku, the famous archaeological site,the museum is new from 2004 ,and very nice !

Lake Titicaca, visit Copacabana and isla del sol, with a beautiful walk On the island. Titicaca is the highest navigable lake,in the world (3808m above sea level with 8100Km2 surface) and copacabana in an nice relax village on the lakeshore with its famous virgin de copacabana


The most dangerous road, exiting mountain bike tours /1 day tour .A fantastic adventure that begins in La Paz and end at Coroico town. Across the most dangerous road in the world (3600m of altitude difference).Travel with professionals to this adventure.


PROGRAM (Altitude 3600m) we leave La Paz at hrs 8:00 AM, with our own transport and arrive in la Cumbre after a trip of 90 minutes. La Cumbre is at 4500m of altitude. From this place we begin the descent till Coroico, over a twist road, with many curves. In travelling 64 Km. we will be able to observe the climatologic and geographic changes, from mountains  covered with snow and fog to the pleasant humid of tropical forest. In the itinerary we receive a lunchbox. You have the attendance of our guide and mechanic. During the passage we will be able to make the stops necessary to take pictures When we arrive at the town of Coroico  we can relax . On the way, we shall see typical animals like llamas and other characteristic of the region. After arriving at Coroico our private transport shall bring us back to la Paz where we arrive in the evening.
*Required total time 12 hrs
*Experience is not necessaire.
*Attendance: complete bicycles of double suspension, helmets, gloves and guide ,mechanic, food
*Climate at the beginning cold, the rest of the trip, hot.
*Inclination 90 degrees.


Jungle Rurenabaque:

3/6 or more days in pure jungle by plane /bus or jeep

A different world between the animals, back to nature, swim with the dolphins!!!!!

Tours in pampas with many animals or selva with many medical plants.


Here we give you an example of the 3 day tour in the pampas in Rurrenabaque ( also possible to do 3 days Selva)



 Chacaltaya ,highest ski run in the world ,you can walk to the summit of chacaltaya, more than 5000 mt altitude for amazing views of Titicaca and la Paz ,huayna Potosi , we can arrange a daytrip from la Paz with visit to the Valle de la Luna /moon valley with beautiful nature.

Chacaltaya 6 hours tour ), know the highest sky run in the world, where you will be able to feel the sky that ever closer than ever before .You will enjoy the Andean sun, enjoy and feel the snow who is there for ever, see the imposing Andean Real range: You will see how the river is born, admire the highland fauna with their beautiful species. You look at La Paz city from this natural observatory.
It include the transport close to the top, the last part you have to walk and for sure you gone feel the altitude!!!

The main places of interest in the city are
*Coca museum in Calle Linares  906
*Mercado de bruchas (the witches market ) in calla santa cruz and linares
*Cathedral at plaza murillo
*Calle comercio ,walking/shopping street ,ends at plaza murillo
*Casa de la Libertad at the plaza
*Museum of locale instruments in Calle Jaen
*National art museum at Plaza Murillo
*Etnografisch and folklore museum in calle Ingavi 916
*Many big markets: are at the upper side of la Paz ex. mercado camacho
*Plaza San Francisco ,plaza del estudiante
Calle sagarnaga with many souvenirs and travel agents 


*everywhere restaurant
*CHINESE jackie chan , cochabamba 100 good Chinese, good lunch menu
*Restaurant anglo colonial ,linares 922 nice decorated  and good food ! !
*El lobo : Israeli’s santa cruz 441
*Good for luch ,hotel TORINO, uir 1917 ,nice patio , buffet for 15 bol every afternoon ,at Friday /Sat/Sun  are there cultural shows ,calle socabaya 457
*Good local restaurant ,Manolo ,av camacho 1248, big portions 
*Le pot-pourri ,calle linares 906 near the coca musea ,good,also Asiatic
*Best chicken Copacabana (fast food ) potosi 1106 corner socabaya
*Los Mangos : nice bar, restaurant at the other side ( luxury  part) of the city
*Ram jam ,new bar /restaurant calle presbitero mediana 2421
*Good coffie !!,cafe alexander ,av 16 de julio 1832 and calle potosi 1091 and  av 20 de octobre
*Coffie with cake ,Cafe la paz ,Club de la paz ,camacho 1202 between  camacho and ovelisco
Sol Y Luna: bar with Dutch owner, at corner calle murillo and  oruro ,good atmosphere ,nice place
*Sabana : good for lunch , good menu at  plaza murillo
Pizza la MIA ,illampu 809  small 10 bol , 4 portions 20 bol familial 8 porties 45 bol
*Casa del corregidor , big portions , some more expensif , murillo 1040
*Corner Sagarnaga/murillo at the  2nd floor restaurant with vegetable buffet
*Cafe marilyn av camacho 1377 ,pizza,s and karaoke
*Arte –cafe -bar–restaurant calle mexico 1555 ,more expensif
*The Lounge bistro latin jazz,presbitero medina 2527
*La comédie ,French restaurant , more expensive but good !


And much more ,be careful for pickpockets at calle sagarnaga street !

Enjoy the highest capital of the world !!!!!!


Peru planet can organize these al these tours from la paz,

and much more ,ask us for information and prices!





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